CVS – Find Expired Item, Get $3.50 Coupon!

So today I went to CVS and happened to remember that they have the store policy (at least in PA) that if you find an expired item, they will give you a $3.50 CVS coupon.  Well I was looking at the spray sunscreen and happened to look at the bottom and it said EXP05/2017…then I looked at the rest of them and they all said it!  (There were 8 total).  So I received $28 in CVS coupons!  I thought for sure they would only give me one coupon for the whole thing but they did it for each!  While it’s a little disturbing that they had expired sunscreens for sale (especially because I might not have normally thought to look at the expiration but I knew they offered that in their store policy), I am excited about the coupons!






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